Monday, November 16, 2009

The New Record and the New-New Record

Well the plan was to keep rehearsing the last 4 songs for the 2010/2011 record Friday night, but I got extremely ill so that didn't exactly happen. Instead in between my moans from the couch, Dan and I just chatted about the CD pre-release show Thursday night and all our upcoming plans. It was a good, useful discussion. We've got a lot of great stuff coming up soon. Our new record Hammer Meets Fire will be available on April 5, 2010, and we're hoping more and more of you will pick yourselves up a copy, and those who enjoy it will pass word of mouth along to your friends. We're relying on you, our fans, to help us spread the word on this. We sank a good chunk of dough into it, worked very hard, and had an absolute ton of first-rate, pro bono art work given to us by Isabelle Garbani. We really need word about this record to get around.

Sunday we ended up devoting the whole rehearsal to the new song Unsolicited Window. It has proven to be a tricky one to get down, but I think by the end we finally had it. That was pretty unusual for us; we tend to develop, work up and learn new songs fairly quickly. But it was actually a fascinating experience to work on this one and figure out what the tricky spots for us are, why they are tricky and how to deal with the trickiness. I think it's one of the best ones we've written, so I'm glad it seems like we've got the hang of it now and it will be ready to record soon.

So yes, update on recording for the 2010 record. We're working with our co-producer Ian Love (of the band Rival Schools) again. Ian co-produced Hammer Meets Fire with us. We enjoy working with this guy so much, and he is so amazingly talented at what he does, there was no question that we wanted to work with him again on the next record. So by this point we've laid down and mixed 8 new songs:

1. Junk
2. Angel Zero
3. Beautiful Wanderer
4. What We Deserved All Along
5. KC Writer
6. Client-Focused Behaviour
7. No Excuses
8. Party for Everyone

Most of those will be pretty unknown to most of you. Junk is one of the first Victor Bravo songs I ever wrote. We rehearsed it a lot back in the earliest 4-piece days of the band. We may have played Angel Zero a handful of times, I recall playing it at Don Pedro in Brooklyn once. We've been playing it in rehearsal for a long time and it's been one of Dan's and my favorites ever since we wrote it. KC Writer has been in the queue for a while, that one has lyrics written by our friend Victoria from Kansas City. We held off on recording it until she turned 18, which she did this October. We wanted her to be able to have full sway over copyright as a legal adult for her part of the song. It's a real fun one to play live. The rest of them are all pretty new. We played Beautiful Wanderer live just once, back at our show at The Delancey in NYC - I think that was September-ish.

The next four, which we hope to record in December, are:

9. [Oops - can't remember at this moment! I'll include next post.]
10. Impossible Reversal
11. Unsolicited Window
12. Leah's Knicks
Our Friday and Sunday rehearsals will be focused on keeping our regular set sharp for a December NYC show we hope to have with our other Kansas City friends Led Astray, and the big January tour to the Midwest and the South.

Things are also moving along with the new side project Dan and I are involved in, Atomic Shotgun. In this outfit Dan drums and I just stick to guitar. We're joined by guitarist Scott Holcomb, of the bands The Bulletproof Lincolns and Kelly Jo & The Pre-verts, and Corynne Wilder, of the band Afterdawn (which sadly broke up a while back). Dan and I love Victor Bravo with all our beings, but it's been wonderful to have another outlet for our musical creativity where we get to bounce ideas around with two more people. And we couldn't have asked for nicer, more talented, more professional people to work with. Scott and Corynne make every night of rehearsal just flat-out fun.

Our new band pages are fairly sparse, but you can check them out:

Facebook: Search Atomic Shotgun

Dan's & my next show is actually with Atomic Shotgun, the band's public debut Friday December 11 at Don Pedro in Brooklyn. We're really looking forward to that and seeing those of you who can make it there.

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