Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween Antics and VB on New Compilation CD

I forgot to mention...our November 1st show in Boston was a Halloween show, as it fell on the weekend just one day after the actual holiday. This was our second year playing a Halloween show - we played one in our home neighborhood of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn last year at The Wicked Monk. Both times, it's felt kinda tricky...first of all, because Daniel isn't too hot on Halloween to begin with. Second, I wouldn't want to turn someone off who might otherwise love our music, just because they don't dig my costume.

Last year seemed to work out pretty well. Daniel wore a Superman T-shirt, and so did all the drummers playing that night. I went as Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings films and I think looked decent enough. Daniel couldn't decide this year between a reprise of the Superman T-shirt or to dress up as what he is in his day job, a mathematics professor. Trouble is, of course, it's tough to discern the math professor costume from a host of other teacher-ey and business-ey-type occupations without adding on things like a slide rule, calculator, and what-not. Even then you might still get mistaken for a Physics teacher or something.

So in the end Daniel stuck with the Superman T-shirt. But it was really a moot point, because he was shirtless by the second song as always. Maybe he could argue that for the rest of the set he was the naked-while-human-and-cuddling-in-bed-with-Lois-Lane from the film Superman II or Superman III, I forget which.

I decided to go as J.D. Drew from the Boston Red Sox, because hey, we were going to be in Boston, and I could never go as a Red Sox player in New York City, I'd be lynched by Yankees fans. So I got a Red Sox T-shirt with Drew's name and number on the back, and wore the Red Sox baseball cap I already had.

The problem I ran into was twofold - one, I couldn't keep my hat on because I was bouncing around all over the place during the set. Two, we had never been to the club, the Black Water Tavern in Quincy, before, and basically the place was a Boston sports bar. So instead of looking like J.D. Drew, I looked exactly like all the pre-rock show patrons of the bar who were glued to the sports highlights on the big-screen TV's. Which...was kind of creepy. Which...hey, is what Halloween is all about! So mission accomplished, I guess.

On a more musical note, WSVN Internet Radio has just come out with Volume 21 in their CD compilation series, the WSVN Radio Hall of Fame. And we are pleased to announce that our song 'Alien Homeland,' off our latest CD Sky Full of Messages, was selected to be part of the disc.

Thanks to Eric and everyone at WSVN Internet Radio for including our song on this disc. To check it out, visit one of these links:

http://www.wsvnradio.net/local/volume21/volume21.htm http://www.wsvnradio.net/local/local-21.htm

New Yorkers, don't forget our big Manhattan show at Otto's Shrunken Head on Tuesday, December 2. It'll be here faster than you can say "I ate too much turkey!"

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