Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Top 50 and Don Pedro Show Recap

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Our song "Drain on Me" off Sky Full of Messages was picked for the Top 50 Songs by Airplay by Westcott Radio. Ends up that we actually tied Sugar (Bob Mould's band) song "If I Can't Change Your Mind" from the 1990's. Pretty cool. The whole list is presented as the Jan-4 podcast you can access HERE.

Friday night we played a great show at Don Pedro in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The night was kicked off by Genan, who we sadly missed (we were late showing up) but we heard she played an amazing set. Then we did actually get there in time to see the second band, Big, a great all-female rock trio from Brooklyn. I had heard about this band but this was my first time seeing them live, and they really blew me away. The drummer Carrie and guitarist Monica traded off lead and back-up vocals with each other to create a great mix. And bassist Terry had really creative, kickin basslines. Really glad I caught them. After them was an awesome duo called Prison Pretty, who played crazed indie rock. Singer/guitarist Shen shredded on rapid, unique riffs, alternatively singing sweetly and screaming his head off. Meanwhile drummer Mary was smiling throughout, which did not disguise the fact that she was pounding the hell out of her kit with fury and abandon. It was pretty awesome to see such two amazing bands I had never seen before back-to-back like that. They set up the whole evening very well.

After Prison Pretty, one of my all-time favorite bands, The Whores, took the stage, and proceeded to play one of the best sets I've ever seen them play. Drummer Juline was slamming out the beats, guitarist Greg was on fire, and bassist Matt was holding it all down. I was in the front jumping up and down and head-bopping for the whole thing. They were just awesome.

Then came Runny. A few seconds before they were to go on, singer/guitarist/sometimes-male- stripper Lemon Cookie ran up to me and told me to jump up on stage and introduce them. So I did. Then LC, singer DJ Phlegm, drummer/singer Colonel Creem and masked bassist Cracker Dap proceeded to lurch into the music and mayhem. They played a blazing, we-don't-give-a-fuck-what-you-think, but we-want-everyone-to-join-in-our-fun-god-dammit! set, as usual. But about half-way through, LC - who used to get pretty naked when I first began seeing Runny live, but who had not gotten even slightly unclothed in quite a while as far as I knew - began to auction off his disrobing. A few souls banded together to raise $5 for him to take off his shirt I think. But he wanted $10 for the pants. I ran up and gave him a 20, which allowed everyone to see him once again in only a rainbow thong. He played most of the rest of the set thus attired, much of that rolling around on the floor amidst the audience. Nice.

When Runny was done messing with everyone, we took the stage. The set list for those interested:

1. Jagged Cross
2. Binge
3. Night Scales
4. Better Lives
5. Name Today
6. Make the Escape
7. Alien Homeland
8. Transparent
9. Motherfucker

We had good fun and I got pretty worked up by the end, took my guitar into the brick wall that backs the stage there a few times, then into my amp. My amp is now missing some pieces. But it still works.

After we finished, East-West Quintet closed out the night. These 6 guys (yeah, I said six) are really amazing. Individually they're each some of the most skilled musicians I've ever seen play, and together they are just a force. Their music starts out as cool, toe-tapping jazz and then rockets straight into full-out rocking. I have yet to see another band like them. It was the second time I've seen them live and they were just as incredible this time around.

All in all it was a fantastic night of great people and great music.

Our next show is Thursday, January 29 at Lit Lounge in Manhattan. We're playing with a great band, Imaginary Friends, who go on right before us I think.

More later...

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