Friday, January 9, 2009

SFOM in Top 5 CDs of 2008 and Open Mic Night

Hey-llo. Collin here.

I mentioned recently that we got picked for the Top 50 artists of 2008 by Radio Crystal Blue internet radio in Brooklyn, we just found out that our CD Sky Full of Messages, which we released this year, got picked as their #4 CD of the year. Thanks again to Dan Herman and RCB for the nod, we really appreciate it. You can see the whole chart HERE.

I did a 3-song acoustic set at Lilly Coogan's in Manhattan last night, sorry I didn't tell anyone before-hand, it was kind of a last-minute thing. If I do it again I'll try and let people know. It went pretty well I thought, I played 'Final Friend' off SFOM and two new ones, 'Night Scales' and 'The Door,' first time those two have been played live, and both will probably be on our new LP.

I saw and met some other great musicians there as well. I went with my girlfriend Sarah, who's in the bands Kate, Matt, Ben & Sarah and Snazz Mammoth, and who also wrote the lyrics to 'Night Scales.' Trish from America's Sweetheart was there, it was great to see her again. I've been listening to their two CDs, Firecracker and Rainbow Party, a lot these days and really digging them. They just got back from an awesome mini-tour to the midwest so it was great to hear all about that.

I also got to chat with Minnie from the band Swoon, who I have yet to see live but I hear are awesome. They're playing Crash Mansion in Manhattan on Jan. 15.

The open mic was kicked off by JC Cassis, who plays with a band normally but was doing her solo thing. She had a hilarious song 'Texas Boys' to start it off that had me on the floor laughing. She's playing Jan. 30 at Public Assembly in Brooklyn.

Next was Natalie Gelman, who I had actually seen in Battery Park this past summer. She's a great singer-songwriter, beautiful voice and wonderfully-crafted songs. It was nice to see her perform again. She's playing a free show tonight at 6pm at the American Folk Art Museum at 45 West 53rd Street in Manhattan.

Following Natalie was Jeneen Terrana, another wonderful singer-songwriter with heartfelt tunes. I am especially grateful to Jeneen because she let me borrow her guitar to play my set. It was great to meet her, she seems like a sweet person in addition to being a great musician. Jeneen is playing this Sunday (Jan. 11) at 8:30pm at Lucky Mojo's, 514 51st Avenue in Long Island City, Queens.

After those three great folks, I got up there and did my thing. Thanks also to Jakki the bartender at Lilly Coogan's, for hosting and setting the whole night up. Trish and I were sad she didn't play a set, she's an amazing singer/songwriter herself.

All right, I've got to get off here and put some new strings on my Strat for the show tonight at Don Pedro in Brooklyn. Maybe I'll see you there.

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