Friday, February 20, 2009

Trash Bar Show Recap and News

Hey hey.

We played one of our favorite haunts, Trash Bar in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn on Wednesday, February 11. After a cool opening set by Blueberry High Heels, we took the stage and did it up Victor Bravo style. At Trash it's hard to see the audience if you're in the band, because they put bright lights on the stage and turn out the lights in the house. But when I could see people it looked like everyone was having a good time. During the always-set-closer 'Motherfucker,' figures kept emerging from the dark shadows as they were hurtled toward the front of the stage by the other people jumping around and acting crazy. Our new song 'Jagged Cross' has become the one we like to open with now, and after that one we played three relatively new ones that will be on the upcoming album. I wondered how 'Into Debt' and 'The Door' would go, because I think we may have only played them live one or two other times. But they went really well from our perspective and they were really fun to play.

The full set list:

1. Jagged Cross
2. Into Debt
3. The Door
4. Name Today
5. Binge
6. Alien Homeland
7. Transparent
8. Motherfucker

After we got done, our friends in Imaginary Friends went on and just tore the place up. Those guys are so frickin' good. We really wanted to stay for Dead Stars and Gulf of Michigan, but unfortunately Dan and I were both recovering from major flu bugs and I had an early morning commitment the next day. So we had to bolt. But hopefully the rest of the show was as good as the start felt to us.

We want to thank Trash Bar and all the staff there for having us back, everyone who came out, all the other bands, and a special thank-you to Abby, the manager of Imaginary Friends, who added us to the bill and treats us like gold. We love you, Abby.

Work on the new album continues to go wonderfully. We are working with Ian Love of Rival Schools and have developed an astonishingly good working relationship with him. We have 8 tracks completely finished and are set to record the last 4 or 5 in March and possibly April. No title or artwork as yet, we're going to get on that as soon as we can. We're shooting for a September release and really excited to share these tunes with you. We're planning to sneak-release some of the tracks to our diehard fans ahead of the official release, so stay tuned for info on that.

After lots of delays from illness and various personal life-type stuff, I am looking to get into booking a ton of shows in Arpil, May and over the summer. Dan and I really want to be on the road playing a LOT more in 2009, so I have a bunch of work ahead of me. It can be tough to get booked outside of NYC because club bookers often don't want a band that is not as well known and might not bring a lot of people. But I'm hopeful we'll get this ball rolling soon and good things will come of it.

On the less-distant horizon, we are thrilled to be going back to Boston to play Precinct in Somerville with our good friends in the band Plumerai. I am totally in frickin' love with Plumerai and their music, even though they are very different from us genre/style-wise. When Martin, their guitarist, e-mailed me to offer us a spot on the bill I was really psyched. We'll be playing Saturday, March 28, which should make it accessible not only for our Boston fans, but for any of our New England fans who don't mind a little travel on the weekend (if you live in New England, you should be used to travelling to get to things!).

That's the news of the moment, thanks for reading and keep rockin'.

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Sarah Valeri said...

Victor Bravo and Plumerai!! I can't wait!!

Don't forget that Transparent was really awesome, too!!