Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dan's New Band Crush

So Saturday night we played a party in the courtyard behind Paris Manicini's (The Natch!, America's Sweetheart) art gallery/ thrift shop EPOH OWL in Brooklyn. Great space, great lineup, and great sounding, too (thanks for the audio setup, Chris!). Lit-up cars driving into the parking lot directly behind the stage was a nice touch.

Evening started with beatbox/ guitar work by the Young Boys (boy?). Unfortunately, he left his iPod onstage and we destroyed it during our later performance. Yeah, ah, sorry about that.

Then came The Natch! (formerly America's Sweetheart). We love these guys to death, and they're writing songs like crazy and getting stronger with every show they play (and they were top-notch performers already!). Watch them take over New York (again).

And then came a band I hadn't seen before. Royal Pink: Four chicks take the stage in pink 50's poodle skirts. We're like, “Wait, how does that make sense as an opener for VB?” Well, for starters they're just flat-out awesome. Two bass players (no guitar). Great rock-solid drummer. Singer with incredibly strong pipes. And they're playing these sweetly 50's-tinged songs about protesting, getting naked, layin' pipe, jizz on the wall, having a gay boyfriend, etc., etc. They're playing and dancing their hearts out. And I'm like, “Yeah, that's EXACTLY the ideal VB opener!”

So then we take the stage and do our usual thing, and it was one of the best audiences we've had lately (and we're on a good jog recently), great sound all around (as I said above). May I say how ludicrously awesome it is to have chicks in pink poodle skirts jumping and throwing down in our mosh pit? Hell yeah. That may be central to our next music video, you heard it here first.

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