Friday, May 8, 2009

Listening to Dead Stars

I really like the band Dead Stars. The last time I saw them at Europa, I got a copy of their upcoming CD (no art or title yet, but you can hear many of the songs on their MySpace page, here: ).

I played the CD, like, 4 days ago, and I'm finding that I've got multiple of their songs stuck in my head as I wake up in the morning, get around town, etc. On the one hand, it might be a bit lighter than a lot of the stuff I usually listen to. Jeff on guitar/vox feels pretty poppy to me, but Jaye & John (on drums and bass) have the capacity to bring a furious prolonged beat-down whenever they want to. So, it feels like they can swing from achingly-beautiful to monster-rock at a moment's notice, with complete confidence.

I think it's the songs "Break the Tide", "The Party's Over", and "Fade Away" that I've got stuck in my head, but the whole album is incredibly solid. That's one great sign for these guys, in that every single song the disc is really satisfying and really belongs there. Other great sign is that they both sound great on a recording, and they also kick massive ass live (something that a lot of bands seem to find hard to accomplish).

They've got shows in DC, Chapel Hill, Philadelphia, and Brooklyn listed on their MySpace page, check 'em out if you have the chance.

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