Saturday, October 24, 2009

Geno's@Portland Maine Show Recap

We played Geno's at Congress Street in Portland, Maine last night and had a great time. I, Barbarian, a local thrash-punk band, opened mightily and played a great set. Then we took the stage and unleashed rock insanity.

We're especially grateful to our former college roommate Dave who showed up and our former college radio colleague Jason from the old WMEB days who also came out to see us.

Speaking of college, as luck would have it our old college friend Ben Meiklejohn, who we had not seen since we graduated, turned up fronting the band that played after us, Hoboe. They were absolutley fantastic and truly unique and original. Ben alternates betwen playing guitar/singing and playing an oboe with a wireless mic, hooked through some electronic effects. It was really awesome.

Our set list for those that are interested:

1. Jagged Cross
2. Make the Escape
3. Nuclear Palin
4. Spin Cycle
5. Better Lives
6. Night Scales
7. Binge
8. Transparent
9. Motherfucker

After the show we scarfed down a late-night dinner at the Portland Denny's. Then we hopped back in the rental SUV (thanks again, AVIS!) and drove down to our friends' place in Watertown, Massachusetts. We're staying with our pals and Victor Bravo superfans John and Theresa, who always put us up, feed us and give us great support and conversation whenever we come to play Beantown and the surrounding area. Big thanks to them once again.

Tonight we return to a venue we truly fell in love with the first time we played it, back in April of this year. It's 119 Gallery in Lowell, Massachusetts. We're told an all-female punk band, Stale Fish, is opening, and a great band we met last time we played there, Wednesday Night Militia, will be taking the stage after we're done. We're really excited and looking forward to rocking Lowell again tonight.

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thanks for the awesome compliments! --zen ben