Thursday, September 10, 2009

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Just wanted to provide an update on what's going on these days with us.

Hammer Meets Fire CD Pre-Release Show

Thursday, November 12, we will be having our huge, massive, everybody-must-come CD pre-release show at Fontana's in Manhattan. Our first LP with 11 tracks (10 new songs plus a new version of 'Motherfucker'), titled Hammer Meets Fire, will not be officially released until April 5, 2010, but the CD is finally finished and this show will be our way of celebrating with every one of you, our dear fans, who can make it. We are really proud of and excited about completing this new record. It includes many of the songs we've written since the release of Sky Full of Messages that we've been playing live for quite some time now. We will have sneak pre-release CDs with several of the songs from Hammer Meets Fire on it for anyone who comes to this show.

We're encouraging people from everywhere to travel to NYC for this show, as it will simply be a stellar night of great rock n' roll. The line-up of the other 2 bands has not been fully settled yet, but we believe it will be soon, and we will announce it as soon as we know. You can count on 2 other amazing bands who will be well worth seeing.

January Tour

Details are anything but set at this moment, but our general plan is to depart on our biggest tour yet in January. We're hoping to return to many cities we've played before, as well as hit some new ones for the first time. On our wish list: Boston, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Denver, and East Moline IL. We would also like to have our first southern swing, including the possibilities of Memphis TN, Asheville NC, Austin TX, New Orleans and somewhere in Florida, but we're unsure at this point if we'll be able to add those on to the January tour, or if they'll have to wait for a future trip. Any help anyone could provide in helping getting us booked will be much appreciated.

The Next Record: 2010

Yes, we need to keep your focus on Hammer Meets Fire, our brand-new record that will be released (as I just mentioned above) in April, 2010. But behind the scenes, the next record is pretty much completely written. We are in rehearsals now for recording and will begin laying down tracks in October. We have not set a release date for this one, not because we like teasing you (although we do like teasing you), but because there are so many exciting possibilities for us in 2010 we don't want to over-commit ourselves. But the hope is that at some point in 2010 or early 2011, in some way, another VB record will be available for your listening pleasure.

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Lovermore said...

Can't wait to hear the new record. And the one after that!