Thursday, January 7, 2010

Music Meditation

One of the great things when we're on the road is that we get an opportunity to listen to other folks' music in-depth while we're driving. You know, we're driving for 5, 7, 10 or more hours in a day, and there's not much to do but listen to some new or old album, focus on nothing but the art and the scenery outside, then have a discussion for a bit about what we just heard.

I think all of our daily lives are a bit too busy to ever sit down and just meditate on a piece of music -- our touring life sort of doubles as a graduate-school seminar on music theory, performance, and recording. Not sure if other bands get that (who knows, maybe with more people someone's always irritated at someone else's choices), but it's a nice double-down, so to speak.

The other thing folks may not know is that Collin's, like, psycho-addicted to driving, while I (Dan) am a complete sleepy snoozehound any time I'm in a moving vehicle. So he drives all day, I nap a good part of the day, works out surprisingly well.

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