Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tour Show 3: Chicago

So most of today's drive was chasing the sun as we drove west across Ohio and Indiana. Snow blowing as we drove into Chicago.

The show tonight was borderline impossible to describe. Great dive bar in Chicago called the Mutiny, for the annual birthday blowout for Heavy Kev of the band Donkey Punch. Kev and DP are themselves practically impossible to understand unless you see them live. Real, honest-to-god unhinged punk rock. Kind of amazing stuff, you really need to come prepared for stuff to get messed up right quick.

May I point out that this bar in Chicago decided to skip the idea of glasses and just hand each individual person a full pitcher of beer to walk around with when they get a drink? Yeah, just like that.

Anyway, it's an intense scene and most of the bands have been playing this event for 5 years running, we're told that lots of folks kind of beg and plead to get on this bill, so we're pretty psyched that Kev tapped us to join in. Lineup was the Burninators, The Natch!, Donkey Punch, Sons of Sanchez, and Fister. Some really fantastic players and instrumentation and intensity in all these bands. The ones we'll have to work hard to see again are the Burninators and Sons of Sanchez (the rest we'll definitely run into again). Then we wrapped up the show at the end. Honestly we're pretty jacked up on how we're playing at the moment. Some broken stuff and some blood on the drum kit (thanks, Andrew from B!), we're leaving everything we've got on stage these days.

The whole scene here in Chicago is just kind of mind-blowing, a "you had to be there" moment for us & everybody else. Big thanks to Trish Naudon Thomas for taking the pictures the last two shows.