Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Travel Day

Today was another travel day, from Chicago to Minneapolis, about 7 hours of driving. As usual I was almost entirely unconscious (see a pattern?). Playlist was heavy on L7, Raconteurs, and Gruntruck (!!!). Tonight we're staying with Christina here in Minneapolis, who plays bass in Gray Matador. (We also listened to their last NYC show as we drove into town, great stuff.)

Yesterday when we were at the art museum in Chicago, we were visiting the gift shop. One of the items is a "Pop Quiz Math Clock" which I couldn't help but pick up and point out that it has two mistakes on it. The counter girl overheard me and was really surprised. Just travelling cross-country and disturbing people, that's my job.

In other news, at some point in the last few days we caught part of "Walk the Line" (Johnny Cash movie) with commentary during the ad breaks. One of the breaks had a comment like, "These guys didn't start using speed for some 60's consciousness-building experiment... they did it because it's so hard to get out of a show at 1am and drive all night to the next city for another gig." Huh, you don't say.

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