Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tour Day 1: Boston

Tonight we played Boston (Allston) at a very fine bar/music venue called Great Scott. First time for us, we've heard of it before... really cool sound system, great sound guy (Reed), worked well for us.

We were headlining after the David's (from Daily Pravda) really cool opening solo acoustic set, The Brother Kite's 5-person sonic creations, and of course our most excellent friends in Plumerai. As always, they massively bring it.

Good show for us. Getting to set up to our satisfaction & do a full sound check is kind of like mana from heaven if you get the opportunity. Frankly, we seem to be playing really awesome at the moment. We're playing probably tighter than ever before and any surprises just seem to make the show even better. Collin kind of lost his mind in a really awesome way in at least two places (opening to Alien Homeland, last verse of Binge). Near the end of Binge he just put away the guitar and started shrieking the last verse over and over, and I (Dan) had to follow along for the ride and hope I could guess what was happening next. At one point the sound guy Reed dashed onstage to fix a drum mic, just as Collin started body-slamming into the drum set and cymbals. I was trying to wave off Reed, like "You have no idea how much danger you're in!" but didn't quite get the message across with everything else that was happening. Injury-free for the night #1.

Big props to one of our biggest Boston fans, Theresa S., for roadying and taking pictures and putting us up for the night. "That was crazy! I really wish someone had recorded that!" was her opinion afterwards. Thanks to Martin & co. of Plumerai for setting up the show.

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