Friday, January 15, 2010

Tour Show 6: Minneapolis

Just got done playing the gig here in Minneapolis' Club Underground. Man, what a great space for us... cool vibe, perfect stage size, terrific sound system. Probably one of the most fun sets for us to personally play so far on the tour, most everything seemed really solid and really tight. We played between the Dry Heaves and Fuzzy Machete, both of whom are really interesting bands with lots of great stuff ahead of them, we're sure.

Enormous thanks to everyone in Grey Matador, who deserve a lot of love from us. Props to Brue for setting up the show and taking care of us on the business end, Xtina for letting us crash at her place for two days and taking excellent pictures, and Roe-K for yelling at us a bunch while we were playing. If you can get Brue to hook you up with a show then you're among the lucky on Earth. Hopefully we can have those guys back in NYC this summer sometime.

Now comes a 12-hour overnight drive back east to Dayton, OH for a gig tomorrow night with the Gem City Saints. Wish us luck!

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