Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tour Show 5: Chicago (Again)

This afternoon we were in Chicago with some time to kill, so we spent a few hours at the Art Institute of Chicago, most specifically in the Modern American wing. Some really great stuff there, spent some time discussing what it's like being artist... checked out American Gothic, Nighthawks, and freaky-ass stuff like Albright's Picture of Dorian Gray.

So tonight we headlined a show at Chicago's Elbo Room. Immensely cool rock venue, great atmosphere, fantastic sound system, very cool staff, great sound guy, etc., etc. If I lived in the area I could see myself actually spending quite a bit of time there. We went after T-Bird Magera and Mike Mains and the Branches... very impressive acts, Mike & co. were apparently missing two members but still very powerful, great musicians. We played pretty well, Collin in particular was really psyched afterwards and we got a bunch of great comments. Also, we had this whole set recorded, maybe we'll post a track or two from the gig later when we get the chance.

Thanks to Jen & Adrienne for hanging out afterwards and putting us up again tonight. Photos by Aaron, multitalented sound guy at the Elbo Room.

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